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Images and stories of automotive aesthetics

The content for the new book, MASCOTS in MOTIONImages and Stories of Automotive Aesthetics, is nearly finished – over 400 images with well-researched text to put them in context. Over the next few months we’ll be polishing and editing all that into a colorful and intriguing exploration of automotive aesthetics.

First-rate production quality, including design, is being managed by the experienced team at M.J. Jacobs, a company that specializes in art books.

MASCOTS in MOTION is a project of passion representing the author’s forty years of photographing automobiles, and nearly as many writing about them. We guarantee you’ll find tidbits of beauty and knowledge to surprise and delight even the most learned automobile enthusiast.

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Shunpiker Productions

Steve Purdy

Shunpiker; (n) one who shuns the turnpike, taking the back roads instead of the highway, in the spirit of Charles Kurault, Jack Kerouac, and William Least Heat-Moon.

About Shunpiker Productions

Shunpiker Productions, LLC is the business entity encompassing the projects of Steve Purdy, mid-Michigan based writer, photographer and producer. Most projects revolve around automobiles including product reviews, travel stories, automobile fine art, interviews, motorist issues and enthusiasm for automobiles old and new.


Automotive Heritage Awards

For the past five years we have produced the Automotive Heritage Awards in partnership with the Concours d’Elgance of America at St. John’s, Brembo, The National Automotive History Collection, the Automotive Hall of fame, auto supplier Kiekert, the Automotive Women’s Alliance Foundation, and M1 Concours. While the awards project is on temporary hiatus while we seek sponsorship, the Automotive Heritage Foundation (created to support the awards) continues to develop other projects.

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