2018 Lexus RX350 F-SPORT to Boyne Mountain

It’s time for some relaxing, solitary road therapy as I review this brash new Lexus RX 350 F-Sport on an unstructured excursion to a popular ski resort in pristine northern Michigan. It is nearly ski season but we’ve had such a mild fall the colors still cling to the trees…

Paris to Normandy plus Oxford with Viking

PARIS to NORMANDY plus OXFORD There and Back Again A Travel Narrative By Steve Purdy August 2017 DAY ONE – TRAVEL DAY After a few hours of delay at the airport at Detroit we’re headed across the big water for a long-planned Viking River Cruise from Paris to Normandy and back to Paris with a […]

Fish and Eggs for Breakfast

We would not expect a National Guard summer camp mess hall to be the venue for a culinary treat unmatched in the best breakfast cafe, but it was. Beautiful brook trout barely an hour out of the steam, biscuits just minutes out of the oven and over-easy eggs made the weeks of military exercises worth while for Sgt. Mayo and I.

A Great Summer Storm

Heavy Clouds

Ain’t Mother Nature grand!

An intense summer storm ripped through here a couple hours ago. My pretty blonde and I were out on the deck, she petting the black cat and I putting away the leaf blower after clearing the deck of a week’s accumulation of debris. The wind whipped up seemingly out of nowhere. We knew from the local TV news there were storms in the area but didn’t know they were getting so close.

A Day in the Life of An Auto Writer

Old Chrysler Badge

To tell this story I must first introduce you to a charming cat and a classy automobile. Both play significant roles in this description of a summer day rich in adventure and detail that exemplifies the life of this Midwest auto writer.

Dickens was a beautiful, selectively friendly, buff-orange tomcat – neutered, of course. I say “selectively friendly” because he was exceptionally affectionate with us, particularly my pretty wife, but would disappear anytime strangers intruded on his space. At the time of this story he had been part of our family, which included three other cats, for more than ten years. We had found him at the local animal shelter when he was but a kitten. We knew he would be a great cat when he insisted on rubbing faces with us when we first met.

The Remarkable Story of the Baby REO – 1905 to 2014: A Circular Journey

For those readers who think there is no altruism left in the world I’d like to tell you the story of a Mama, a Baby and the couple who brought them home for good after they wandered the country apart for over 100 years. Two of the principals in this fascinating story are human – Peter and Debbie Stephens of Dublin, Ohio. The Mama and the Baby are REO automobiles from 1906 that returned home to spend the rest of their days on display in their city of origin at the R. E. Olds Transportation Museum in Lansing, Michigan.